HL2CTF Game Modes

HL2CTF has seven game types. Maps that start with ctf_ will be Capture the Flag mode. Maps starting with 1f_ will be One-flag mode. Maps starting with dom_ will be Domination mode. Maps starting with tc_ will be Territorial Control mode. Maps starting with cp_ will be Control Point mode. Maps starting with fb_ will be Football mode. Maps starting with avd_ will be Attack Vs Defend mode.

In Capture the Flag mode, the objective is to steal the enemy flag from the enemy base, bring it back and touch it to your flag. If your flag is stolen, you or your team must return it before you can capture. Certain maps may have a capture zone allowing you to immediately capture the flag without your flag being returned to your base. The team with the most captures wins, frags are not counted toward the team score.

In One-flag mode, the objective is to pickup the neutral flag which is usually placed in the center of the map and carry it to the enemy base and through the enemy defenses to a capture zone. The team with the most captures wins, frags are not counted toward the team score.

In Domination mode, the objective is to steal the neutral flag which is usually placed in the center of the map and hold on to it as long as possible. The maximum time required is one-half of the total map time, therefore if the server is running maps at 20 minutes, your team can win by holding the flag for 10 minutes. Otherwise, the team with the longest hold-time wins, frags are not counted toward the team score.

In Territorial Control mode, the objective is to capture random territories by standing near the flag within the territory to change the flag color and the ring to your team. The team that captures all the neutral flags are awarded a team point. The team with the most points at the end of the time wins and frags are not counted toward the team score. Most maps are set to a best-of-three so accomplishing two captures usually wins the map.

In Control Point mode, the objective is to capture the capture zones in series (zone 1,2 then 3) to win the round. The most recently captured point can be captured back by the enemy team in a sort of tug-of-war scenario. The team with the most round victories wins, frags are not counted toward the team score. Most maps are set to a best-of-three so accomplishing two captures of the final point usually wins the map.

In Football mode, the objective is to pickup the football which is usually placed in the center of the map and carry it to the endzone. The team with the most captures wins, frags are not counted toward the team score.

In Attack Vs Defend mode, the game starts with one team playing offense and the other on defense. The objective on offense is to capture the flag at each capture zone in order--usually zone 1, 2 then 3. Capturing all of the zones will win the round and reward the offense with a point and teams are switched. The objective on defense is to stop the offense from capturing all the zones within the time allowed to win the round and reward the team with a point and teams are switched. The team with the most points will win the match, frags are not counted toward the team score.

HL2CTF Weapons


All of the weapons from Half-Life 2 are available in HL2CTF and in some cases have been tweaked for CTF gameplay. In addition, HL2CTF has four custom weapons not found in HL2.

Alyx's Gun is a selectable pistol/machine gun hybrid, as used by Alyx Vance in Half-Life 2. Secondary fire is used to switch between pistol and SMG mode. Highly accurate when used in short bursts but with a very low damage. The Alyx Gun is one of the default weapons in the player load-out on spawn.

The O.I.C.W. is an assault rifle coupled with a powerful grenade launcher and is highly accurate when fired in short bursts. Use secondary fire to launch range-limited grenades and caps lock to zoom-in the rifle's scope.

The Sniper Rifle is a powerful and highly-accurate sniper rifle which can fire through walls and unbreakable windows up to 16 units thick. Use secondary fire to toggle betweem two levels of zoom in the rifle's scope.

The Railgun is a bolt action weapon that is very powerful and highly-accurate, it is not a hit-scan weapon but requires very little lead time to strike a moving target. Using secondary fire will enable a charge-up resulting in a more powerful shot capable of killing multiple enemies with 1 shot. The railgun is the default weapon for instagib mode.

HL2CTF Powerups and Turrets


Powerup Runes can be team based or neutral. Press [X] to drop the rune to give to teammate or to pickup another.

Burst Rune - Quickly replenishes your auxilary power and gives you a slight speed increase while sprinting.
Shield Rune - Absorbs damage done to you and decreases your player speed.
Regen Rune - Slowly replenishes your health (up to 100) while wearing it.
Lung Rune - Provides unlimited oxygen allowing you to breath underwater indefinitely.
Drain Rune - Awards you health (up to 100) and suit power (up to 50) as a reward for damaging enemies.
Cloak Rune - Gives you full invisibility when standing still, partially visible while moving and fully visible when firing a weapon.
Damage Rune - Increases weapon damage you deal 2x but you also take 2x damage.

Sentry turrets are indestructable and intelligent tripod guns which are provided for the purpose of defense on several maps. To set up a sentry turret use your gravity gun to pick it up and carefully set it down in the direction of a doorway etc. Sentry turrets will only fire at the team opposite to the markings on the turret but can friedly-fire if you get in front of them while they are tracking an enemy target. Turrets are easily knocked over by explosions, such as weapon grenades or can be picked up with a gravity gun and tossed.

HL2CTF Movement

In HL2CTF, you can perform three movement tricks: bunny hop, wall jump and explosion jump.

To bunny hop, successively hit jump as you are landing on the ground from previous jumps. This will increase your speed and bypass the friction that would normally slow you down when running.

To wall jump, strafe (left or right) into a wall, and then, without releasing strafe, press jump twice [space-space] rapidly. If you do it right, you will be pushed up over twice normal jumping height and away from the wall, fence or any other solid object. Even a slight turn while strafing left or right into a solid object will enable wall jumping. By crouching at the top of a jump and turning, you can clear very high walls and ledges. Performing a wall-jump toward another wall (while holding strafe) will allow multiple wall-jumps for even more height.

To explosion jump, fire an explosive at the ground and press jump as it explodes to get an upward boost from the force of the explosion. Depending on the strength of the explosion, different amounts of height and distance can be achieved.

HL2CTF Scoring

Any points awarded to individual players are not counted towards your the team score. The only way for a team to win is to get the most captures, the longest domination time, or win the most rounds.

Individual player points are awarded for:

  • Killing an enemy (1 point)
  • Capturing the flag (5 points)
  • Capturing the capture zone (5 points)
  • Returning the flag just before a capture (2 points)
  • Returning the flag (2 points)
  • Killing the enemy flag carrier (+1 point)
  • Killing an enemy near your flag (+1 point)
  • Killing an enemy near your flag carrier (+1 point)
  • Holding the neutral flag (2 points every 30 seconds)

HL2CTF Teamwork

HL2CTF encourages teamwork and provides several ways that you can help your team out, aside from just killing enemies and capturing flags.

You can drop health vial (v), suit batteries (b), weapons (m) and powerups (x) for your team.

You can also issue radio commands, and when you talk to your team (u), your current location will be printed automatically. You can also use chat macros to quickly report your status:

Char. Macro Example
$A Suit remaining 100 armor
$H Health remaining 100 health
$M Ammo ammo 4|1|120
$R Current powerup Double Damage
$L Location Combine Base
$S Current team name Rebel
$Q Enemy team name Combine

HL2CTF Console Commands/Variables

The following commands can be used via remote console (rcon) or from a listen server, to control game settings:

Command Result
ctf_motd 0/1 Toggles the Message of the Day when joining the game.
ctf_intermission n How many seconds the scoreboard is displayed at map end.
ctf_capturelimit n Maximum number of captures before the round ends.
ctf_mercyrule n Maximum number of captures a team can lead by before the round ends.
ctf_arenamode 0/1 When enabled, players spawn with all weapons.
ctf_instagib 0/1 When enabled, all kills are 1 shot kills.
ctf_excessive 0/1 When enabled, players spawn with all weapons and they will be wicked powerful.
ctf_matchmode 0/1 When enabled, players ready up and there is a 45 second warmup.
ctf_matchmode_password will set a password when in matchmode.
ctf_allowscripts 0/1 When disabled, players may not use scripted binds.
ctf_powerups 0/1 Toggles powerups. (runes)
ctf_turrets 0/1 Toggles floor turrets.
ctf_overtime n How many minutes of overtime to have if the game is tied at round end.
ctf_idlelimit n How long a player must idle before being switched to spectator.
ctf_dominationlimit n Force Domination game to end in minutes if your server is set to no timelimit.
ctf_combinescorehandicap 0/1 Score Handicap for Combine Team. (they start with this many points)
ctf_rebelscorehandicap 0/1 Score Handicap for Rebel Team. (they start with this many points)
ctf_forcemelee 0/1 Force the flag carrier to melee weapons and gravity gun only.
ctf_mutespectators 0/1 Prevents players from seeing chat messages from spectators.
ctf_enablechatmacros 0/1 Toggle the use of chat macros.
ctf_slamsdiewithowner 0/1 Set SLAMs to detonate when the owner dies.
ctf_grenadehp n Set Frag Grenade Hitpoints to detonate when shot. (0 disables)
ctf_dynamicgrenades 0/1 Set whether grenade will change color depending on team who picks it up
ctf_snipertracer 0/1/2 Set sniper rifle tracer 0 - off, 1 - new tracer (team colored), 2 - old tracer (refraction)
ctf_extreme Amount of blood effects (1=Low 10=high)
violence_hgibs 0/1 Turns gibs on or off
violence_hblood 0/1 Turns blood on or off
forcecfg 0/1 If forcecfg is 0, cvars changed via rcon will persist through map changes.
forceready Forces all players to be ready.
restartround Start the round over.
nextmap mapname Sets the next map to mapname.

The following commands adjust client preferences:

Command Result
cl_autowepswitch 0/1 Toggles switching weapons when you pick up a new weapon.
hud_hitsound 0/1 Toggles a registration sound being played when you hit an enemy.
cl_defaultweapon (weapon name) Sets your preferred default spawn weapon (alyx gun, gravity gun, grenades).
cl_fov n Toggles a players field of view (75= low 120 = high).
hud_quickinfo 0/1 Toggles the display of health and ammo around the crosshair.
hud_showcarrier 0/1 Toggles the display of the flag carrier names on the HUD.