HL2CTF Client Install | HL2CTF Windows Server | Uninstall HL2CTF
*The 2006 SDK is currently not supported for Steampipe Linux Dedicated Server Installations*


Installing the HL2CTF 2.1 Client

  • Before installing:
    (For both the Windows EXE and the ZIP archive versions of the mod)
    • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the FREE Steam Platform.
    • If running Steam, close and exit Steam.
    • Download the Windows EXE installer or the ZIP archive. (*hl2ctf210_full.exe is preferrred.)
  • Installing using hl2ctf210_full.EXE:
    1. Shut down the Steam Platform
    2. Double-click the HL2CTF .EXE installer file you downloaded.
    3. Verify the location of your /SourceMods folder when prompted.
    4. Click Install.
    5. Reload Steam and locate 'Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.1' in your Steam Games Library.
  • Installing using hl2ctf210_full.ZIP:
    1. Shut down the Steam Platform
    2. Open the HL2CTF .ZIP archive file you downloaded and run "Test Archive" to verify.
    3. In the ZIP utility, select extract archive, from Explorer right-click on the ZIP and select "Extract to:"
    4. Extract the archive with folders to your /SourceMods folder which will create the /hl2ctf folder.
    5. Reload Steam and locate 'Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.1' in your Steam Games Library.
  • Having problems getting the game to run?

Running a HL2CTF 2.1 Windows Server (Steampipe)

  • Before installing:

    *If you have been running a Windows Dedicated Server before Steampipe, it is recommended that you backup your server.cfg, motd.txt, mapcycle.txt etc. and completely remove the old HLDSUpdateTool installation.

    *It should be noted that the following instructions are fashioned to contain the SteamCMD files within the folder where you setup your dedicated server as well as storing the SDK files into a /ep1 folder which will allow you to run multiple mods from this single directory. Both of these are optional as SteamCMD can be ran from a separate folder and the 2006 SDK (ep1) files can be installed into the /hl2ctf folder if HL2CTF is the only 2006 SDK (ep1) mod you are running.

    • Download the SteamCMD tool from http://media.steampowered.com/installer/steamcmd.zip
    • Create C:\srcds and extract the steamcmd.zip into this folder to create the steamcmd.exe installer.
    • Run (double-click) steamcmd.exe which will update the installer and leave you at a STEAM> command prompt.
    • Note: HL2CTF 2.1 uses the Episode 1 SDK not HL2DM and the AppID for SteamCMD is now 205!
    • At the STEAM> prompt type the following pressing ENTER after each command as it completes:

      login anonymous
      force_install_dir .\ep1\
      app_update 205 validate
  • Installing and Configuring HL2CTF:
    1. Download the hl2ctf210_full.zip and extract it with folders into your C:\srcds which will create the \hl2ctf folder.
    2. Adjust the \hl2ctf\cfg\server.cfg to customize the game settings. (also the match_server.cfg for tournaments)

      *Append the following to the end of the server.cfg to quickly connect to VAC:

      sv_master_legacy_mode 0
      setmaster add hl2master.steampowered.com:27011
      setmaster add hl2master.steampowered.com:27015
      setmaster enable hl2master.steampowered.com:27011
      setmaster enable hl2master.steampowered.com:27015

    3. Optionally adjust the \hl2ctf\mapcycle.txt and the motd.txt.
    4. Create a shortcut by right-clicking the srcds.exe (located in the C:\srcds\ep1\ folder) and save the shortcut.
    5. *Optional: Move the shortcut to the C:\srcds folder (or your Desktop) and rename the shortcut to !HL2CTF_SERVER
    6. Right-click the shortcut and select properties then change the TARGET to:

      C:\srcds\ep1\srcds.exe -console -game ..\hl2ctf -maxplayers 16 +map ctf_floodzone -autoupdate
    7. Start the server by double-clicking the shortcut.
    8. Type QUIT in the srcds console to exit and shut down the server.

Running a HL2CTF 2.1 Linux Server

*SteamCMD replaces HLDSUpdateTool for Steampipe. The 2006 SDK is currently unsupported for Linux Dedicated Server Installations*

Uninstalling HL2CTF 2.1

  • Before Uninstalling:
    • Backup any custom content you want to save from the installation.
    • Shut down the Steam Platform.
  • Uninstalling:
    1. Use Windows Explorer (WINKEY+E) or the utility you use to navigate drives and folders.
    2. Navigate to the drive letter where you installed or extracted the mod. e.g. C: (C Drive)
    3. Navigate to the \Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods folder.
    4. Carefully delete only the \hl2ctf folder from your \SourceMods folder.
    5. In Windows: Restart the Steam platform.
    6. In Windows: If the process removed the mod from Steam then empty the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Having problems Uninstalling the mod from Steam?